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Charcoal Leaf-Shaped Rhinestone Applique

This beautiful graphite applique features charcoal colored crystal beading in the shape of small leaves. It is outlined with tiny taupe/champagne colored beads and the "stem" is made from long champagne/ taupe beads. A few small silver Rhinestones are placed within the applique, adding to its shine. The applique also has an iron-on backing that allows for easy application. Of course the item can be glued or stitched as well.

Size: 1.25" x 5.75"

Quantity: 1 applique per order 

Place this applique on any garment or accessory. A perfect addition to simple bridesmaid's dresses, and because of its iron-on application, there is no need for sewing! Additionally, this applique works great as a headpiece. Simply attach applique onto elastic or glue onto a comb.

I have personally used this applique to decorate simple candles, attaching the applique with pins. This small touch made a elegant and beautiful statement. You can see how I used this applique in the last photo!


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