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One Dozen (12) Plastic Drawstring Cord Ends Adjuster/ Stoppers:

Plastic Drawstring Cord Ends Adjuster,Toggle Cord Locks Equipped Spring Stopper Mechanism Hoodie Adjuster 

Perfect for Face Masks,  hoodies drawstring and elastic for masks. We recommend 1/4" and 1/8" flat elastic or cord elastic between 2-4mm. 


  • 1 Dozen (12 pieces)
  • 100 Pieces (25% off) 


  • A (White): Height: 24mm , Width: 15mm
  • B (Black): Height: 28mm, Width: 12mm
  • C (Black): Height: 26mm, Width: 16mm
  • D (Black): Height: 28mm , Width: 15mm
  • E (Black): Height: 28mm, Width: 14mm
  • F (Black): Height: 33mm, Width: 14mm
  • G (Black): Height: 28mm, Width: 14mm
  • H (White)
  • I (Black or White): Base: 19mm x 18mm , Height: 23mm
  • J (Clear): Height: 22mm, Width: 25mm
  • K (Black or White): Diameter/Base: 18mm , Height: 20mm

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