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2 Brown and Mustard Long Stem Rose Flower Patch/Applique

This patch features a beautiful classic rose with delicate leafs and stems in an elegant and modern shape. The rose is embroidered with a chic mustard yellow thread and the leafs are a rich brown color. The flower is accented with gold metallic thread, giving it an upscale flair. Iron backing allows you to easily apply heat to attach the item to your fabric. No need to sew!!

A simple and impacting addition to your next DIY project.

Personally, I have used this item as a head piece. I simply glued the applique onto a small comb and incorporated into my tousled up-do. (Please message me if you need advice)


approximately 10.5" x 3.5"

Quantity: 2 patches per order
NOTE: Slight variations are normal. Some patches will have some unnoticeable differences.

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