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1 Dozen 1" Metal Suspender Clips Available in 5 Colors

Basic metal suspender clips available in fun and unique colors. These clips versatile, beautiful, durable and functional. They will keep your garment securely fastened. Simply slide fabric around the loop and sew to lock the fabric in place. Versatile and Practical. Comes with Plastic Grip

The suspender clips in fun spray painted colors. Please note these don't have the plastic in the middle.
(a) Lilac
(b) Pink
(c) Aqua
(d) Peach

They also come in practical and versatile colors. These are PLATED. That means they will NOT chip. They have PLASTIC inside.
(a) Gold
(b) Brass
(c) Silver
(d) Antique Brass- *
*Please note that 3/4" size does not have plastic grip inside the clip

Size: The suspender clips are 1" in size 

Quantity: Please note you will receive 12 suspender clips per order (if you are interested in mixing colors, please message me).

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